Yankee Candle Melts 5 x Balsam & Cedar special $9.95


$15.00 $9.95

Yankee candle melts, choose any 5 for $9.95 from the list below, you can have the same or mix it up.

  • Balsam & Cedar
  • Midsummer Night
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Summer Scoop

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Yankee Candle Melts 5 Balsam & Cedar special.

Yankee Candle Melts Balsam & Cedar 5 for $9.95, choose any of the 5 listed, they are all wonderful fragrances.  These melts are a quality product and these are the genuine article.

Balsam & Cedar: This Fragrance. Balsam, aromatic cedar wood and juniper berry blend together in a fresh forest scent. Fragrance Notes: Top: Crisp Citrus, Herbs.

Midsummer Night: This Fragrance. An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne. Fragrance Notes: Top: Citrus, Herbaceous …

Peppermint Bark:  This irresistible blend of white peppermint, chocolate swirl and wintergreen is oh-my-yummy!

Summer Scoop: This Fragrance. Yum … an absolutely luscious treat of plump, sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream. Fragrance Notes: Top: Pink …

Melts Special Waikiki Melon 5 for $9.95

This wickless wax tart melts quickly to produce room-filling fragrance in minutes. It works in all electric and non-electric warmer.

Of course, you can change them so you don’t have to have the same melt all the time when solid just slip them out of the diffuser with a knife put in a container to reuse.

Yankee Candle melts in pink

Summer Scoop

Yankee Candle melts in peppermint

Peppermint Bark

Yankee Candle melts in summers night

Mid Summers Night

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