Baby Knitting

Baby clothes handknit in NZ by Nana Jean.

Jackets, cardigans, jumpers, hats and booties.

One of a kind, all new and made with love!

Open Toddler's Cardigan in Autumn Colours

A snuggly wool cardigan with a retro look

N$ 28.00

Blue and Red Striped Baby's Jumper

A cool, 90s look for your little one!

N$ 24.00

Kid's Shirt with Frog Pattern

White knit with a funky frog on the front!

N$ 28.00

Pastel Pink Cardigan for Babies

Handknit from soft blended yarn, perfect for baby skin!

N$ 24.00

Purple Cardigan for Toddlers

Bomber style Toddler Cardigan

N$ 20.00

Lemon & White Cardigan for Toddlers

Lemon coloured Toddler Cardigan with white panels

N$ 17.00

White Jumper with Blue and Yellow Stripes for Babies

Super cute jumper with four buttons on the back

N$ 15.00

Lavender Jumper for Toddlers

A cool lavender jumper with two buttons at the back of the neck

N$ 24.00

Toddler's Skirt with Adjustable Straps

Cute peach coloured wool, adjustable straps

N$ 18.00

Rainbow Cardigan for Toddlers

Rainbow coloured Toddler Cardigan with butterfly buttons

N$ 17.00

Pink and White Cardigan for Babies

Baby Cardigan with flower button

N$ 15.00

Marbled Pastel Green Jacket for Toddlers

Matinee style Toddler Jacket with green buttons

N$ 25.00

Lime Green Cable Twist Jumper for Babies

Vibrant cable twist Baby Jumper

N$ 24.00

Marbled Pastel Green Jacket for Babies

Loose fitting Matinee style Jacket

N$ 25.00

Red Cardigan for Toddlers

Vibrant, one-of-a-kind cardigan

N$ 24.00

White Cardigan for Babies

A cute white cardigan with purple buttons

N$ 24.00

Checkered Lavender Cardigan for Babies

A cool checkered pattern and cute flower buttons down the front!

N$ 24.00

Lavender Cardigan for Babies

A soft, one-of-a-kind cardigan, handknit with love

N$ 24.00

White Wool Cardigan for Babies

A sweet little cardi for you little one!

N$ 25.00

Green and Lavender Bomber for Toddlers

A super cool bomber style knit for toddlers!

N$ 28.00

Pink Shirt for Toddlers

A cute knit shirt with smiley-face buttons!

N$ 24.00

Brown Wool Jumper for Toddlers

Cute little wool jumper!

N$ 25.00

Mint Green Matinee Cardigan for Babies

Lovely matinee style knit!

N$ 24.00

Mint Green Cardigan for Babies

A super soft baby cardi!

N$ 24.00

Highlighter Pink Toddler's Jumper

Vibrant jumper with checkered pattern

N$ 24.00

Lavender Toddler's Jumper with Frills

Funky colourful frills and Sesame St buttons!

N$ 24.00